Amparo clinics


Let's move the world.


Amparo Clinics is a social enterprise initiated by amparo to empower amputees from developing countries. We provide prosthesis via our mobile clinic to the millions of people living all over the world who don't have access and cannot afford modern devices. 

The availability of accessible and affordable prosthetic legs is imperative for amputees to remain as independent as possible, to continue their education, be economically productive, and fulfil meaningful life roles. Join us in supporting amputees to live to their maximum potential.


We've made it easy to give hope and dignity to those who need it most.


Stand in the midst of the challenges amputees from developing countries face to get a prosthesis.

Everyone deserves the chance to live a life without limitations.

                 Support amputees who cannot afford to buy a prosthetic leg and join our global movement proclaiming: "Yes, I care."



let's move the world


February of 2018 marks our first pilot project in the rural areas of South Africa. In partnership with the Western Cape Prosthetic, Orthotic Center (WCPOC) and the organization Our Watch, we are supporting amputees from the Western Cape region. We need your help. A donation of any kind will help people to walk again.

For every 1.000€ we collect, one amputee's life will be changed forever :)

You can contribute in many different ways:

Join us in this journey and let's move the world together!